MOJO versus Teye’s earlier Mood circuit demo

How can you tell if the circuit is ‘Mood’ or ‘MOJO’? Roll the Mood/MOJO knob to full open. If there is a gentle ‘click’ between 9 and 10, it is the MOJO.

In the summer of 2014 I had a good amount of time to re-think my way of doing things. The very first prototype of my infamous Mood-knob is now 10 years old. Good as it works, it is not the place where I want to stop.

Coming in from a fresh angle, I applied more 1930’s Hi-fi knowledge to my beloved guitar. My father built tube-amps in the 1930’s and in 1975-76 he made a guitar amp for me from scratch, just for kicks, then together we made a Dan Armstrong plexi guitar copy in 1981. Some of his knowledge must have rubbed off…


This new MOJO-control requires parts made especially for me, and I want to thank the manufacturers of those parts for their flexibility and their patience with my quirks. One of these parts is a compound potentiometer that actually clicks itself very gently out of the circuit when going from 9.5 to 10…

I want to dedicate this control and the corresponding circuitry to my father, who as an inventor has left awfully big shoes to fill… I hope he’s somewhere bragging to Les Paul about it. Les was impressed with my guitar and the Mood knob and somehow I envision the two of them discussing the finer points somewhere in Greener Pastures…

MOJO-control at work

This is a quick & dirty mixdown of the instrumental track to a new song I recorded with my band, using a Super Coyote for all the parts.

No trickery – no tweaking of the amp or extensive EQ on the guitar channels, only tweaked the guitar while amp and channel settings are the same for all four guitar parts. No pedals either- just using the guitar’s volumes to go from clean to dirty…

This is where you can clearly hear the MOJO control at work. For those of you who are familiar with the Mood-knob, you can hear the MOJO be more musical and even more effective (and it wasn’t even all the way down on those ‘Leo-y’ parts…)

Audio Player

  • First two guitar parts: neck pickup: volume 4; tone 10; MOJO 3
  • rhythm guitar with edge: bridge pickup: volume 4; tone 10; MOJO 10
  • sketch of a solo: bridge pickup: everything on 10

It felt as if I had a LP Junior, a Telle, a Strato, and a big fat sick LP Custom all at the tips of my fingers, by twisting MOJO and Volume knobs…